Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Teaching Assistant, Science & Technology Studies Department
2011, Spring: Science, Technology and Society (Prof. Edward Woodhouse)
An introduction to the social, historical, and ethical influences on modern science and technology.

2010, Fall: Design and Innovation Studio V (Prof. Ron Eglash)
A studio-based program exploring relations of race, class, and gender to technology, and the potential of design to address societal problems.

Clark University

Adjunct Professor, Culture Studies & Communication Program
2005-2009: Computer Mediated Communications
A project-based study of digitally-aided communities, communications, and social networking.

2004-2009: Image Theory
An historical and theoretical survey of inventions and applications for immersive visual experiences from the 15th century to modern day.

2007-2008: History of American Broadcasting and Electronic Media
A technical, social, and political exploration of American broadcasting in radio, television, and digital media.

2009, Spring: Animation in Film Senior Seminar
Animated media as a cultural and historical product, and as a venue for critiquing contemporary social issues.

Adjunct Professor, Visual & Performing Arts Department
2005: Senior Thesis Seminar
2004-2009: Digital Photography
2001-2009: Photography

Tufts University School of the Museum of Fine Arts

2005-2007: Electronic/Kinetic
Bridging the gap between conceptual intentions, social critique, and practical implementation of electronic and mechanical technologies in spatial and media arts.